Aluminum Products

Aluminum was once so rare that it was considered more precious than gold itself. It is far more available now, which is fortunate because it offers numerous advantages over steel as a construction material.


Advantages of Aluminum

Because West Side Steel is committed to providing complete metal solutions to all of our clients, we offer a great many of our steel products in aluminum as well. These include structural components, plates and sheets, pipes and tubing, miscellaneous pieces, and more. To discuss the merits of using aluminum rather than steel in your project, receive a free quote, or order this practical metal, please call or email us any time. To discuss the specialty pieces your project requires, for a free quote, or to place an order, please call or email us any time.

Lightweight Aluminum

Aluminum weight is only about one third that of steel. This is particularly valuable in vehicle construction, which reduces dead weight and its resulting energy consumption.

Corrosion Resistance

As it naturally generates its own protective coating, aluminum is particularly well-suited to applications where durability and conservation are key.


Because it is so ductile in its molten state, aluminum is easily processed into any number of shapes. This adds tremendously to its versatility as a construction material.


Almost twice as conductive as copper, aluminum makes an ideal material in applications such as power lines.