Miscellaneous Steel

West Side Steel offers virtually every kind of high quality steel miscellany you could imagine, so you can be certain to complete your project with all of the best components available on the market.


The following are only a selection of the varied steel pieces we offer — should you require anything else, please don’t hesitate to tell us what you require.

Expanded Metal Grating • Flattened – Stainless • Expanded – Carbon steel • Expanded – Aluminum • Expanded – Stainless • Walkway Grating • Catwalk Grating • Deck Span • Bar Grate • Open Steel Grating – Tread Plate

• • •
Our selection of fine steel pieces is limited to the practically countless number of shapes that metal can be worked into. To discuss the specialty pieces your project requires, for a free quote, or to place an order, please call or email us any time.

Deck Span

Available in a range of dimensions and different types of steel, this self-framing and lightweight material offers superior load-bearing properties. Deck span is ideal for open flooring, balconies, catwalks, platforms, stair treads, and more.

Bar Grating

Bar grating is assembled out of a series of steel bars attached together with perpendicular crossbars to form a sturdy and slip-resistant walking surface. As with many other of our products, we offer a variety of types of grating for all applications made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Tread Plate

Also known as floor plate, diamond plate, or diamond tread plate, this long-lasting and easily cleaned anti-slip surface provides rugged traction wherever workers would otherwise risk slipping and falling.

Weld on Cutting Edge

Whether they will be used on asphalt, dirt, snow, or some other tough surface, we offer strong and lasting blades for equipment that will work reliably even under heavy use.