Steel Services

In order to provide the best value to our clients, West Side Steel offers several services at our headquarters where we cut, shape, and otherwise manipulate our metal products in a number of ways.


Metal Ready for Immediate Use in Virtually Any Application

The combined effects of our services mean that the metal pieces we deliver can be immediately used in virtually any application they’re needed for.

Sawing • Shearing • Hole Punching • Forming • Laser Cutting

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For more information about how our metal services will provide exactly shaped metal pieces for your project, please call or email us any time.


Should you require your steel or aluminum cut to a specific length or shape, we possess the expertise and appropriate equipment to saw it to your exact specifications.


Also known as die cutting, shearing offers an advantage over other forms of metal cutting because it neither produces chipping nor relies on melting or burning. We most commonly perform shearing on steel and aluminum sheets and plates, but also offer it on rods as well.

Hole Punching

In this metal forming process, a punch press exerts great pressure on a piece of metal in order to form an exactly sized hole. It is the ideal treatment for pieces through which wires or piping must be fitted.


This process relies on mechanical deformation to reshape a workpiece without adding or removing material to it. The great value of this technique is that it doesn’t change the workpiece’s mass.

Laser Cutting

When a metal is too difficult to cut with a traditional process, we use laser cutting in order to shape it. The key advantage of laser cutting over plasma cutting is its significantly greater precision.